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Brexit Investment View (Part 2)

This piece was written as part of our advice to clients immediately following the Brexit result, on Friday 24th June. Things have of course moved along rapidly since then, with the Exit campaign leadership all seemingly disappeared, leaving Theresa May to take over as the new British Prime Minister on Wednesday 13th July. The immediate […]

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UK pensions overseas: what happens if you decide to move home?

Decent summary But, there is a lot more to this subject. Moving a ROPS back to the UK makes sense even if non-UK resident in some cases. Section 224 FA 2004 comes into play- but can offshore advisers take best advantage of this if they do not have access to whole UK SIPP market? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/money/uk-pensions-overseas-what-happens-if-you-decide-to-move-home/ […]

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