Beacon Global Group and Aisa International announce strategic agreement in Europe

There has been a press release, now published on several websites, announcing the strategic agreement recently implemented between the Beacon Global Group and Aisa International.

As discussed in the article listed here, from the American Expat Finance website, there has for a long time been great difficulty in dealing with either US citizens in Europe, and conversely with expatriates who have become US resident, as well as other European citizens who may, whether they realise it or not, have connections to the USA. Measures such as PFIC and FATCA have only further caused Americans to be unwelcome at many European financial institutions.

This strategic alliance should allow both companies to expand the services we can jointly provide to such clientele, either through cooperative ‘client sharing’, or through reciprocal introduction of appropriate prospects to each other.

The OpesFidelio network is a part of the Aisa Group, that includes both Aisa Financial Planning Ltd in the UK, and Aisa International in the Czech Republic and France.

For the American Expat Finance article, click here:  American Expat Finance

To download and read the full official press release PDF click on this link here:   Beacon Group Aisa Press Release

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