Brexit and Financial Advice in the EU

Here’s an interesting piece about the potential impacts of Brexit upon the very notion of ‘financial advice’ in the EU after a possible ‘no-deal’ or ‘hard’ Brexit, and what advice firms like ourselves are doing in the way of preparation.

Our very own Chris Lean, from Aisa International, is heavily featured in the article and there’s also mention of the OpesFidelio network.

British politicians may be struggling to finalise a deal for leaving the EU, but the country’s financial advice industry is getting on with making its plans regardless.

While arguments and protests are still raging over Brexit, UK-based wealth managers, financial advisers, insurance brokers and others in the financial advice industry appear to have accepted the need to plan as though Britain’s exit next March is inevitable.

Many have laid the groundwork for advising clients who are likely to be affected. However, some advisers are yet to put their plans into operation, given a presumed transition period until the end of 2020 at least.

Click on the link here for the rest of the article……  Money Marketing Brexit Article

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