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Beacon Global Group and Aisa International announce strategic agreement in Europe

There has been a press release, now published on several websites, announcing the strategic agreement recently implemented between the Beacon Global Group and Aisa International. As discussed in the article listed here, from the American Expat Finance website, there has for a long time been great difficulty in dealing with either US citizens in Europe, […]

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Brexit and Financial Advice in the EU

Here’s an interesting piece about the potential impacts of Brexit upon the very notion of ‘financial advice’ in the EU after a possible ‘no-deal’ or ‘hard’ Brexit, and what advice firms like ourselves are doing in the way of preparation. Our very own Chris Lean, from Aisa International, is heavily featured in the article and […]

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OpesFidelio unveils ‘Bond vs Platform’ Spreadsheet to its Advisers

There was an article posted in International Investment this week that highlighted the new spreadsheet ‘toolkit’ we have developed internally, as a result of research we have been doing into the comparison of costs and client outcomes when it comes to advising a client to choose either a portfolio bond or a platform solution. Perhaps […]

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Spanish-compliant bonds “too often a rip-off” for investors

As publicised this week in International Investment, OpesFidelio member Marius Hampden and others in the OpesFidelio network with an interest in Spain have recently conducted research into a random selection of investments into Spanish-compliant bonds, and the results have been described as “shocking”. For the full article click on the link here:  International Investment article […]

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“Hurricane of Legislation” to hit EU based advisers

At the recent International Adviser’s Future Advisory Forum that was held in London yesterday the CEO of the Aisa Group, James Pearcy-Caldwell, that includes the OpesFidelio network, was testifying about the changes due to come soon in the European industry. He asserted that a “hurricane of difficult regulation” is about to hit the European financial […]

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More on MiFID II

MiFID II will not be delayed according to Steven Maijoor of ESMA at the Futures Industry Association’s IDX Conference in London. In February 2016, the European Commission confirmed that MiFID II, initially scheduled to come into force in January 2017, would be delayed a year in order to “take account of the exceptional technical implementation […]

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