The impact of MiFID II and PRIIPS

Chris Lean, one of our senior financial advisers within the Aisa Group, has written the following piece that was published by International Adviser last week. Chris is based in the Czech Republic and works for the Aisa International branches of the company. As well as being a specialist in UK pensions, he is an active blogger and serial publicist on various social media, including Linked In and Twitter.

Chris’s contention is that the combination of both MiFID II and PRIIPS legislation due to come into force in early 2018 will be instrumental in helping to change the financial services industry across Europe from being primarily product sales led to that of a profession, where clients are charged fees for the financial planning and investment expertise the adviser is able to provide.

To read Chris’s article click on the link here:   International Adviser article

Aisa International sro and Aisa International South Africa are a part of the Aisa Group of companies that also includes the OpesFidelio network.


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