Offshore Adviser Qualifications

At OpesFidelio, we believe in the promotion of qualifications, and specifically “offshore” adviser qualifications for those working internationally.

For an IFA that is looking to get started on the qualification ladder and who wants credible offshore adviser qualifications then there are two institutes to choose from that offer a great start. All journeys begin with the first step.

Chartered Institute For Securities and Investment (CISI )

The CISI offers The International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management as a start to offshore adviser qualifications.

The International Certificate in Wealth & Investment Management is suitable for a wide audience – from new entrants to financial services to professionals already working in the industry who may be interested in diversifying into wealth management. It is an ideal alternative for staff working in wealth management roles who need to demonstrate competence through the achievement of a benchmark qualification and who want to develop an understanding of how to deliver wealth management advice.

Completion will allow the holder to use the title ACSI, giving the public evidence of relevant investment qualifications


The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

The (CII) offers a range of qualifications for those working in both regulated and non-regulated environments outside the UK.


This includes:
• Award in Financial Planning
• Award in Bancassurance
• Award in Investment Planning
• Award in General Insurance
• Award in Customer Service in Insurance
• Certificate in Insurance and Financial Services

All these CII papers allow the holder to use the title CII (Award), again giving the public evidence of examinations held.

Both of these institutes offer relevant papers for offshore adviser qualifications and build up credits toward further study if the adviser wishes to progress further.

OpesFidelio encourage all network members to either have a local qualification, an international recognised qualification or a regulatory qualification from a country with a regulator with enforcement abilities. Members can only join if they aspire to these levels or have already achieved it. OpesFidelio believe that qualified and regulated individuals provide clients with better protection.

Chartered Financial Planner

As members of OpesFidelio, you will have the technical backup from a UK firm with several Chartered Financial Planners to ensure that the organisation you represent is able to compete for business on your behalf at the highest level.

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